Who Are You Recovering For?

Who Are You Recovering For?

Have you ever had someone forcing you to recover at their speed rather than your own?

Do you feel that it limited your ability to properly deal with your problems?

Have you ever had someone who didn’t want to deal with your pain because it hurt them?

Have you ever had someone who said they couldn’t be around your disorder because it was a downer?

Who are you healing for? Who are you fighting for?

It’s not that person. You must heal for yourself! This isn’t about anyone else. They can’t set the pace. Recovery is long and complicated, and you should only be around people who can help you navigate the complications and don’t hold your weaknesses against you. That’s what I’ve learned. I’m doing things at my pace now. For me and only me. The way it should be.

Leave your comments or responses, or questions below. Remember that we can always learn from each other, and there is always more to learn.


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