About Me

About Me

Who am I?

I’ve spent the last six years struggling with depression and anxiety. I’ve been dealing with PTSD and recovery for the last two and a half years. Within the last year, I’ve been diagnosed with hypotension, POTS, and some other cardiac problems that have yet to be identified.

I’m a realist but not a pessimist. I’m struggling but surviving. I’m content in moments if not every day.

Why should you care? I’m just another member of the mental disorder community struggling with a chronic illness. Absolutely. But I’m also someone with a lot of experience and a lot to say. I don’t believe in complaining for the sake of complaining. I don’t believe in staying in one place and hoping to get somewhere else.

I’ve decided to really reach out with this blog and discuss problems I have in my everyday life with a focus on my accomplishments and strengths and new philosophies. Because, those of us who have to deal with hell in our bodies or minds every day…we deserve some recognition for our strength. Communities that fully understand what it is that we’re dealing with are hard to find and even harder to keep up with.

My goal is to create a safe place to connect with and maintain relationships with like-minded people. A community to foster healthy relationships where advice and support can be given freely.

My name is Alix, and I’m tired of the solitude. I want to use my writing skills and my experience to create something good out of the graveyard of my traumatic experiences. My tears, scars, and nightmares don’t have to be for nothing.

That gives me immense hope. I only hope that I can show that to you.



If you’re curious….Facts About Me

-My name is Alix

-I am 20 years old

-I am a writer and an animal lover

-I have two rats and a puppy (Chico, Blanco, and Ruby)

-I play cello, bass, piano, and ukulele

-My best friends are my pets and my stuffed elephant Hubert

-I’m allergic to all antibiotics as well as a plethora of other things

-I’m broke